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Transmission Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Is your car old or in poor condition? Rather than investing money to rebuild the transmission, replace it. Replacing your transmission is actually a very affordable alternative to complex repair work.

At Certified Transmission in San Antonio, TX, we specialize in auto transmission replacement. Our transmission shop gets outstanding deals on remanufactured transmissions and we make sure to pass these savings along to our customers. We offer the best value on quality replacement transmissions in San Antonio, Leon Valley, Helotes, Balcones Heights, Lackland AFB, and Alamo Ranch, Texas.

Cost-Effective Auto Transmission Replacement

When your old transmission is no longer dependable, it may be time to look into replacing it. While a replacement may sound expensive, it is actually more affordable than overhauling the entire transmission. Our shop has an extensive inventory of remanufactured transmissions in outstanding condition that are ready for installation. This large selection means we can replace the transmission for virtually any type of domestic car or truck.

Before you purchase a new transmission, you want to make sure that it is actually necessary. We can perform a thorough diagnostics test and a hands-on inspection to assess the condition of your transmission. If we determine your transmission is beyond the scope of normal repair work, we will advise on whether you should have it rebuilt or replaced. Every auto transmission replacement comes with a warranty to protect it from unexpected mechanical failures.

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Instead of Rebuilding Your Transmission, Replace It

Deciding between having your transmission rebuilt or replaced is a matter individual preference and circumstances. Rebuilding a transmission is a more time-consuming process, which is why it is typically more expensive. Most of our clients want to get a few more years out of their vehicles without breaking the bank, which is why we usually recommend replacing the current transmission with a remanufactured one.

The installation process to put in a transmission is relatively quick and easy. This means labor costs are kept to a minimum, which our customers greatly appreciate. Once we finish the installation, we perform a full range of tests to ensure that your transmission replacement is compatible with your vehicle and that there are no other automotive issues.

Contact us today for more information about our transmission replacement options. We proudly serve San Antonio, Leon Valley, Helotes, Balcones Heights, Lackland AFB, and Alamo Ranch, Texas.