Transmission Repair in San Antonio

It takes training, skill, and years of experience to fix or replace a transmission system. As local transmission mechanics in San Antonio, TX, we are not only highly skilled in the trade, but we are ASE certified. That means you can always expect top-quality and accurate repairs. This is important because a vehicle's transmission is a complex and essential part of your car.

When this vital system is having problems, bring it to our local transmission mechanic shop. The key to any transmission repair is to be accurate and thorough. Whether you require transmission maintenance, repairs, or complete transmission replacement, we are up to the task. In addition, Certified Transmissions offers free diagnostics to precisely locate the issue before beginning work.

Our skilled technicians offer automatic and manual transmission repair work. Whenever you suspect you may have transmission problems, bring your car to our transmission shop for a complete diagnostic test. We also provide foreign transmission repair for a number of cars and trucks manufactured abroad.


If you drive an automatic vehicle, turn to certified transmission repair technicians that always treat you with honesty and respect. Our experts have the tools and training to perform automatic transmission repair for vehicles of every make and model. We work hard to earn your trust by providing quality work at affordable prices.


The best way to save money when you have a malfunctioning transmission in a manual shift vehicle is by coming to our auto shop. Our highly trained technicians repair all kinds of manual transmissions so that you can enjoy highway driving again. Our shop also replaces gaskets and other transmission components.

A Car Engine in San Antonio, TX


At the first sign of transmission trouble, it's important to bring your car to our auto shop for a checkup. Whether you need a fluid flush or more involved transmission repairs, our team is at your service. Some of the most common signs you require transmission repair include:

• Leaking Fluid
• Stalling When Shifting
• Overheating Engine
• Unusual Noises When Applying the Gas
• Grinding Noise When Stopping
• Loud Noises When Shifting


Stop transmission problems before they blindside you with regular transmission maintenance services. Just as you need to regularly change the oil in your engine, caring for your transmission system helps you avoid expensive repairs down the road. Some of our maintenance services include:

• Road Testing
• Sump or Pan Cleaning
• Transmission Inspection
• Computerized Diagnostics Testing
• Screen Cleanings
• Fluid Replacement & Refills

Our auto shop has the tools and parts to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Ask about our outstanding warranties available for all transmission work.


Don't pay money to have your transmission inspected. Using the latest diagnostic equipment and procedures, we find the source of the problem without taking apart your system. Best of all, we do it for free! If you have slipping gears or other transmission issues, bring your car to our transmission specialists for a quick and thorough inspection.

Contact us today for a competitive quote on the transmission repairs. We proudly serve San Antonio, Leon Valley, Helotes, Balcones Heights, Lackland AFB, and Alamo Ranch, Texas.