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Transmission Rebuild in San Antonio, TX

You do not have to scrap your car just because your transmission is shot. At Certified Transmission in San Antonio, TX, we can provide a complete transmission rebuild that will have your car shifting gears like it just came off the factory line. Also known as a transmission overhaul, it essentially involves taking apart your transmission and replacing all the damaged parts. This is the best way to get the most mileage out of your car when it has transmission problems.

We offer the best deals on transmission rebuilding you will find anywhere in San Antonio, Leon Valley, Helotes, Balcones Heights, Lackland AFB, and Alamo Ranch, Texas. Be sure to take advantage of our special offer to receive $100 off any overhaul at our transmission rebuilding shop.

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Deciding if an Transmission Overhaul Is Right for You

Once you already know that your transmission is the source of your automotive problems, you have to decide whether you want to repair, rebuild, or replace it. After we perform a free diagnostics test at our transmission shop, we can let you know whether regular repairs are an option. If the damage is too extensive, you can either overhaul your transmission or get a remanufactured replacement.

There are several things to consider when making a decision. First, how long do you plan to continue driving the same car? If your car is relatively new, you probably want to opt for a transmission rebuild. On the other hand, if your vehicle is old and you simply want to get some more mileage out of it before getting a new car, a replacement transmission could be more cost effective.

The Premier Transmission Rebuilding Shop

If you have a failed transmission, our auto shop should be your next stop. As a fully equipped transmission rebuilding shop, we give you a variety of options at the best price. Rebuilding a transmission is a complicated process, but our technicians are more than qualified to do the job correctly for all types of domestic vehicles.

By replacing all the broken or worn-out components, we are essentially creating a completely new transmission for your car or truck. For prompt and reliable work on transmissions, there is no automotive repair team in our area better suited to handle the job. In addition, you receive an additional $100 off any transmission overhaul!

Contact us today for free diagnostic check to see if you need a transmission rebuild or replacement. We proudly serve San Antonio, Leon Valley, Helotes, Balcones Heights, Lackland AFB, and Alamo Ranch, Texas.