Clutch Replacement in San Antonio, TX

While automatic transmissions continue to grow in popularity, many people still prefer the look and feel of a classic manual. At Certified Transmission in San Antonio, TX, we offer clutch replacement and repair services to accommodate customers with manual transmissions. We offer manual transmission repair from highly trained technicians. If you're having trouble shifting, your vehicle shakes while shifting, or you smell something burning, bring your car or truck to Certified Transmissions for standard transmission repair in San Antonio, TX.


Are you having trouble with your clutch when shifting gears? Maybe it is noticeably more difficult to press the clutch pedal to the floor. On the other hand, it could be just the opposite, and the clutch pedal goes to the floor with little or no resistance. As soon as you notice something wrong with your clutch, bring it into our transmission shop for a clutch repair or replacement.

The best way to save money when you have a malfunctioning transmission in a manual shift vehicle is by coming to our transmission repair shop. Our highly trained technicians repair all kinds of manual transmissions, and they will ensure your car is in top-notch condition so you can get back out on the road as soon as possible.

Our trained technicians will perform a full inspection to determine exactly what is wrong with your vehicle's clutch mechanism. We offer free diagnostic testing, so there is no reason to wait to find out what the problem is. Once we identify the issue, we can immediately begin to work. If you are unsure whether you have a clutch problem or not, look for the following signs that may indicate you need repairs:

• Unable to Shift Gears
• Clutch Pedal Feels Soft When Depressed
• Clutch Grabs or Shudders When Shifting
• Burning Smell When Shifting Gears
• Noise or Vibration Coming from the Clutch
• Clutch Slips Frequently When Shifting or Driving
Car on a Lift in San Antonio, TX


As you know, standard or "manual" transmissions use a clutch to change gears when driving. As the driver of a standard transmission vehicle, did you know that you can save money on manual transmission repair by bringing your vehicle to a specialist?

Clutch problems do not mean you are in for expensive auto repairs. This is especially true when you come to our auto shop. Something as simple as tightening a cable is a quick, low-cost fix. Even more in-depth work such as clutch replacement requires very little time and money when compared to other automotive services.

Sometimes what seems like a significant transmission issue turns out to be a problem with the clutch. Wear to the clutch occurs naturally, but can be sped up by "riding" the clutch or due to transmission fluid leaks. At our standard transmission repair shop, we provide a level of service that is second to none. A well-maintained clutch and transmission system can last 150,000 miles or longer.

There are three primary points of failure in a clutch: the clutch disc, the pressure plate, and the flywheel. When the clutch engages, a clutch disc is squeezed between the flywheel and pressure plate. This transfers the power from the engine to the transmission. Because a clutch disc is similar to a brake pad, our clutch repair mechanics will need to replace it semi-regularly. The friction between the flywheel and the pressure plate determines the amount of force the clutch can hold. When your clutch is slipping or you are unable to engage the transmission, count on our standard transmission repair shop to check and repair any clutch components.

Our team is committed to providing unparalleled clutch repair services that meet your specific needs. During your diagnostic check, we will closely inspect your clutch and transmission system to see what needs to be repaired or replaced. You can count on us to provide our honest, professional opinion on the best option for your car or truck.

Contact us today for a competitive quote on the transmission repairs. We proudly serve San Antonio, Leon Valley, Helotes, Balcones Heights, Lackland AFB, and Alamo Ranch, Texas.